Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems PPT

Introduction to Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems PPT:

The most gown industry in the past decade is the mobile communication and technology industry, with new devices and connection systems emerging in the market, this industry is one of the most tightly contested and as a result the consumer is the final beneficiary.

Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems topic deals with the latest of mobile technology and its perks to the customer. 4G or 4th generation mobile technology is the most innovative and efficient technology till date.

Multimedia streaming sites are available in plenty in the net world and subscriptions to these sites are increasing day after day.

The most important requirement to view these sites is a net connection with excellent data speed, because a slow speed net connection would ham up the streaming process and also we can view high definition videos with high speed connections.

With the help of 4G, we can achieve all of these and not only that, we can do various other things such as make online presentations, navigate to a desired location, do mobile banking, make an e-payment and even video chat with other persons.

One of the biggest features of 4G technology is its heterogeneity, i.e. the ability of a mobile network to tweak according to user’s needs and preferences.

The performance of a multimedia streaming site is tested under various transmission conditions and to achieve this, data transport must be optimized to suit the particular system.

The protection of the transferable content is very important and for that there are concepts such as digital rights management.

The overview of a streaming client consists of graphic display, sound output, user interface etc. which are synchronized through various decoders such as video, graphics, text, speech & image decoders, There would be session control and establishment depending on the user interface and the scope of packet switched streaming is done through terminal capabilities.

For creation of a dedicated content and allowing the application to run on a large number of platforms, an interactive media platform is formed. 

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