Live Chat – Online Chat with Admin PHP Project

Project Title : – Live Chat.
Objective : – Online Chat with Admin.
Platform : – Server Side-Windows XP, Client Side-Any Network Supporting Operating System.
Front End : – HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Dreamwear, php.
Back End : – MySql.
Technology : – PHP


In my project, I have tried to provide online Live chat application. we are being used in creating websites. This is site is very easy to use and gives friendly environment to our users. The user can chat with admin.

In the home page user can see the about college. You can even login from that page. Without login user cannot chat with admin. For new user we have given the facility for sign in.

User can see his/her profile. And if user want to change his/her profile using change profile option.
From admin side, admin can solve a problem of users.

After visiting site you can logout if you have sign in.

Hardware Requirements:

  1. Pentium III Processor
  2. 20 GB HDD
  3. Keyboard & Mouse
  4. 120 MB RAM

Software Requirements:

  1. Windows-xp,7
  2. MY-SQL server
  3. Apache Server
  4. PHP
  5. Internet Explorer
  6. Editor
  7. HTML Toolkit

Dataflow diagram
Level 0,1 st Level

Dataflow diagram Level Zero one two and ER Diagram
Form layout
Home Page
About US
User Profile
Update Profile
Contact us
Admin home page

Home Page About us User Registration Login Details User Profile Update Profile Contact us Feedback Admin Home Page
Limitation and future enhancement

Limitation of Project

No system or software is 100% perfect or reliable in its sense of functionality and performance. There are always small or big bugs in the system.
So our system has also some limitations.

  • The system works only you have PHP.
  • The computer needs continues electricity, in case of power failure.
  • Speed of the program depends on the computer processor and RAM.
  • This system will not be able to run on the network environment.
  • You can’t chat with other user May be in future it is possible to get solution on the spot.

Future Application Of Project

We expect to expand and add some of the features to this System in near future. These features are……

  1. To make system more users friendly.
  2. Configuration features can be changed according to user’s requirements.
  3. To provide more security to its users.
  4. Most Attractive Layout.

Thank You

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  1. I am developing a similar project with MVC in .NET. May I have a look at the code and the entity diagram?
    Please let me know.


  2. Am looking forward for project ideas; can u send me d download link and source code to the mail is suhasbhat484@gmail. Com

  3. Plesae let me know how admin will login, need to create separate login credentials or how it will be. Can you please explain. Also provide source code for the same.


  4. what is the need of posting project when we cannot get the source code. The owner of this site should create room for uploading and downloading of project in this site..

  5. can you tell me about dataBase..
    chatting software dataBase entities?
    plz send me attribute and relationship on it.

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