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This is the Library Management System software which is used to computerize any Library System so that all the transactions become fast and there should not be any errors in transactions. It replaces all the paperwork. Opening the software requires login with the user name and password. It performs all the features of the modern library book issue, return, and fine calculation. Readers can issue books, return books and find books in the library by a simple search done on the book id. Fine can be updated or changed depending on the requirements of the administrator. It keeps records of all the books, given to the customers, so that administrator could update his daily reports. Reader and book details are also maintained and the administrator holds the main account. Security and authentication are maintained by keeping a record of reader names and passwords; the administrator holds the main account and password. Different reports can be generated like daily reports and user reports, book type reports, and book code reports.


The advancement of Computers and their Technologies brought a revolution in the world, it hit every aspect of life. Nowadays every field and its working are computerized.

It is very beneficial as our paperwork is reduced to a minimum. So it is essential that we have a library that is computerized and equipped to deal with the daily transactions in an efficient way so that maximum work is done and the performance increased. So there is a need to develop software that can cope with all these requirements and that is cost as well as time effective. We have developed such a project that can cope with the daily needs of a library that includes transactions like issuing a book, returning a book, search a book.

Now, with the computerized Library Management System, we aim to present users with a much better and easier interface and search options and side by side provide other options like details of books and readers and options like fine management which includes calculation work. One may encounter difficulties in finding the required product or the same process might be very hectic on many websites.


The goals of this project are: –

  • Security – The user has to provide a password in order to enter. Hence it provides security.
  • Easiness – The user simply has to follow a series of instructions which makes the project very simple to use.
  • Speedup result processing While manually it may take time to search for books but it helps to speed up processing. And also issue and return processes are easy. Also, a database for students and books helps in speeding up the work of management of the library
  • The library management system is software for automating the manual library system of a college.
  • Functionalities of the active library like issuing books, returning books, and query processing.
  • The Books and Students are given a particular unique id no.  So that they can be accessed correctly and without errors. Our main aim of the project is to get the correct information about a particular student and books available in the library
  • The library management system is standalone in nature.
  • Keep a record of updated books & students database.
  • The project is implemented to bring a simpler interface for the users and provide them with easy search and access methods.


Software Requirement

  1. Microsoft Windows 2000 or above.
  2. .Net platform
  3. Microsoft Access.

Other Requirements

  1. Internet connection for online help


  • E-R Diagram
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Database Tables

Output Screens:

Login Form
Administrator Menu (Parameters)

Administrator Menu (Security)

User Maintenance

Administrators Menu (Utility)

Librarian Menu
Librarian Menu (Book Options)
Add A New Book
Reader’s Options (Find A Book)
Reader’s Options (Edit Book Details)

Librarian Menu (Readers Options)
Librarian Menu (General Options)
Today’s Issue Inquiry
Issue A Book
Return A Book
Find A Book
User Report
Book Code Report
Book Type Report
About Menu


  • The project is designed to run on a single machine, with no option to run on a network of computers

(LAN etc.).

  • The design of the project is not up to the level of the software market, it has a lot of scope to improvement.
  • There is no option for the reader if he/she forgot the password. If he or she forgets his or her password they need to sign up again.
  • The reader or the administrator can use this one at a time, which means only one transaction can be processed at one time that may be issued, return, or any other.
  • The database is not vast.
  • There is no option for the payment receipt of the fine submission.


  • Projects can be further enhanced with the facility to run projects on multiple machines (LAN) so that more than one library for the same institution can be connected through the same database and controlled by the same mechanism.
  • In-depth details regarding every, security aspect of the project need to prepare, and then taken steps taken or functionality included to preserve security.
  • Enhancements can be made to provide users with the option that if one forgets his/her password then it can be changed or retrieved.
  • A new option like an option for the payment receipt of the fine submission can be included.


  • Project is fully complete and running with every aspect of coding and connectivity with the database.
  • We have tried our best to present a simple interface to the user and remove the complexity of using a manual library like searching and fine calculation.

Download the complete Library Management System .Net Project Source Code and Database

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  1. Nice description for newer toDotNet.

    If possible send me project with code to me for study purpose only.

    Ravi Patel

  2. I am working with Finance Company since 35 years. I am tech savey.
    I want to make Inward Dak / File Tracking Project in VB. Net with Ms Access, so I want to learn so i required Library Management Project.

    Ravi Patel

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