Latest Trends in Automobiles

This Latest Trends in Automobiles Mech Eng Student Technical Seminar discusses the latest trends in automobiles The objective of this project is to provide an intermediate solution to the problem of limited fossil fuels in the form of HYBRIDS(Hydrogen, electric-fuel cell and bio-diesel)

The present generation automobiles are running with battery and electric system. Electric automobile is a motor vehicle powered by rechargeable batteries without the use of other fuel. The advantage of these hybrid vehicles is: in both systems, the battery is recharged while driving. At times, when the car is coasting. Neither gasoline nor electric power is needed, they need not be plugged into an electrical outlet for charging. So, fuel is not wasted while idling.

The project discusses on The Hybrid drive runs on both the gas and the electric motors to produce continuously variable output, a process the inventor calls “torque amplification”. The parts of automobile that transmit power from the engine to the driving wheels make up the power train. But the latest trend in automobile is “hybrid power train” which gains respect for providing a transition strategy from hydrocarbon fuels to a carbonless society and enables renewable energy sources.


This project projects on what the research and development in automobile manufacturing is centered on i.e substituting fossil fuels.  Hydrogen electric fuel cells, with hybrid accord is the current trend. As hydrogen is an present in abundance and productive fuel with many potential uses,transition to “Hydrogen Economy” is on its way barriers do exist and makes hydrogen the energy of the future.

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