Latest Technical Seminar Topics for CSE 2012 on Antivirus Sandbox

Introduction to  Antivirus Sandbox  Seminar Topics:


From the  invention of computer,  there is Malware in the files which destroys the working speed of system called virus. As now the technology develops the new viruses emerges and malicious are develops in the software. Many Antivirus have invented to prevent this malware but it can bear and prevent the encrypting virus. So here we have invented the new Antivirus software called Sandbox.

This protect the documents and creative files from these encrypted virus by checking for the malware before downloading the file through the temporary folder. There are different types of malware like virus, Trojan horse, Worm.


Sandbox is the computer security that runs the untrusted application and malware documents using the four components.  The building components are the documents that is to be tested, Sandbox container, sandbox controller, system resources.

Working of Sandbox:

The sandbox works based on two applications namely trusted and untrusted application. The trusted application can be accessible since the contents are fully trusted. But untrusted application should be processed in the sandbox. The sandbox works under the restriction such that the application should under the sandbox manager. The sandbox manager alerts the user if any sensitive resources are present in the application. This software works on its own simulation in different platforms. Sandbox gives compact resources for the strange programs to run according to the instruction. It avoids the boot up process through freezing process. The virus works and get manipulates in the simulated area through the thread process. The sandbox avoid this using APIs. If the files processed beyond the restricted area the simulated norman sandbox denies the application and makes it unworkable. 

Advantages of Sandbox:

  1. Supports many Application Program Interface.
  2. Works on many threads simultaneously.
  3. Detect malicious programs.
  4. Supports networks and messaging action.

The another most important application is protection of Day Zero Attack. This is done by proactive monitor. The stranger file entering the computer is desperate and prevent the infection from the danger. After this analysis the system will decide whether the file can enter or dispatch.

Sandbox safe pattern:

There are many models that operates in different environment. They are :

 1.Java Applets,

2. Security system.

3. Unix system.

4. Virtual emulator.

This Sandbox is more preferable than any other techniques like Digital Signature. Since DS scans the file but Sandbox process and operate on the virus files and can works on both trusted and untrusted model.

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