Latest CSE Seminar Topic 2012 on A medical laboratory

The current device is a device which acts as the doctor inside the pocket called as the medical laboratory in wallet. In this current generation the big types of test are carried out in the standard burros and also in large big laboratories. So that the patients have to forcefully wait for approximate one week to get the test results in hand from the laboratories. But the developers are working on such a field that very early permit the patient to know about the results or about the disease that he is suffering in less than a minute of time. This system is called as the medical laboratory inside the wallets.

The laboratory in the future will have no doors and also the structure of the windows and the buildings by which people can move in and out. Because these laboratories are going to be such a micro device that It can be even transferred or travelled from one place to another my carrying it in pockets or wallets.

This device is been developed by the developers from the group called the Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics division group. The device carries a memory called as a chip which also alternately called as the lab-on-the-chip. Here each and every disease and every results of tests are been given and provided to the patient within a fraction of seconds only.

This device has the DNA chips too that are present inside the device to carry out the results of the DNA tests of the given patients. This makes the use of laser beams to predict the output of the test and gives the patient in form of the results of the tests.

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