Job Portal Project Asp.Net Source Code And Project Report

Job portal project Description:

Job portal project is a web based application which is implemented in platform. This application is useful for filling gap between industries and its required resources in terms of employees. In present scenario intermediate services work as mediatiors between companies and jobseekers which is not efficient. In order to fill this gap a free online job portal is developed through which users can register with application and update resumes on posted job fields. This application is similar to that of naukari website with basic features.

Here you can download job portal project source code, abstract, DFD, ER diagrams, ppt, UML diagrams, SRS, final documentation..etc

download Job portal project source code in, project report and ppt.

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  1. Hi,
    I need Any .net projects
    I have to submit it to my College.
    please send me abstract and source code .
    i am accepting response from Your side ASAP..

  2. I am a begineer in and csharp i need real software application to practise with any would helpful,thanks in anticipation.

  3. Hii ..while running the program it’s showing error …kinldy guide me to download and run the program in correct method…

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