Java Project on Secure Interconnection of LDAP and DNSSEC PKI’S within Internet

If you are looking for a Internet security related project then Java Project on Secure Interconnection of LDAP and DNSSEC PKI’S within Internet project will be one of the option for which can help you. 

Internet had became one of the main source for money transactions like online shopping, train booking, banking…Etc so the concept of security had became the key concentrating factor on the web. Internet security had become a challenging task for professionals for providing strong security for private and professional individuals. This project will provide a required technical solution to set up a cheap solution by individuals without investing large amount on security products. 

In this context, this paper targets the provision of a minimum security level within Internet by defining a PKI solution based on LDAP and DNS (extended with DNSSEC). The originality of the paper is related to the design of the chain of trust that is built over LDAP and DNSSEC PKIs, the certificate verification method, and indications to extend those concepts to the secure emailing application. 

This project provides simple solution for basic security level issues within web by using a PKI solution which depends on LDAP and DNS(Extended with DNSSEC).This application is developed over LDAP and DNSSEC PKIs. This project can be further developing for providing secure email applications.     

SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATIONS is developed in Microsoft windows xp using Java 2 platform as front end and Microsoft Access as back end.

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