IR-2110 based squarewave inverter by using 555 Timer

Description of IR-2110 based squarewave inverter by using 555 Timer: An inverter is a device which converts dc voltage to output ac voltage at required voltage and frequency.The output ac voltage frequency can be fixed or varied .The variable frequency output voltage have several applications in conveyor,machine tool testing.This convertion can be done by controlled power on and power off devices like MOSFET and IGBTs.

IR-2110 is a high speed,high voltage power MOSFET and IGBT driver. This inverter converts the dc voltage into ac output voltage of squarewave pulses by using two jk flif flofs.

Dc signal is given to the 555 Timer,it produces squarewave pulses.these squarewave pulses are given to the two JK flif flofs,the two pulses are converted into four signals and are given to the IR-2110.From the inverter the signals are given to the four IGBTs,then the signal is converted to ac signal of required voltage and frequency.

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