Investigation of Alternators Encountered Harmonics

The Investigation of Alternators Encountered Harmonics project report aims to obtain the voltage regulation of different alternators under varying loads using one of the many methods available, and use this data to compare and contrast the machine performance in different cases.

The increasing concern about the effects of harmonic distortion and lack of documentation of the problems associated with harmonic synchronous machine. It is important that the work to accelerate in order to understand the effects of harmonics on synchronous machines. The increasing use of power electronics applications is the proportion of non-sinusoidal currents and voltages in networks of public services increases. Nonlinear loads such as arc furnaces and fluorescent lamps have always existed, but were overwhelmed by the line load and engine type resistors. Today are electronic versions of the motors, office and industrial control equipment and lighting more often. As the proportion of non-linear loads has increased, so has the fear of the effect of these charges, and whether it should be limited. Several standardization organizations have or are planning to exhibit the limits for these charges. These limits are based on the impact of these charges. Because of this problem has arisen recently, is still the literature on the impact of waveform distortion contradictory and incomplete.


The project analyzes the harmonics and development of a suitable filter to minimize them, and by extension, their negative effects. In addition to the voltage regulation under varying loads from various generators to use please contact one of the many methods available and these data, and compare the performance of the machine in different cases. The study is included the misconception that a machine has a high voltage regulator low power shows and are not used in practice to correct. This analysis provides an insight into the practical arrangements will be, and shows a correlation between the voltage requirements and obtain the variation of the applied loads.

Download Investigation of Alternators Encountered Harmonics Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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