Inventory Control System in VB

System Analysis and requirements tells about the project requirement like the background knowledge needed to do this project, the purpose of the project, the end-user of the project, the project features, the application of the project, development and operating environments, hardware and software requirements and perspective and constraints of the project.

This project mainly deals about the “INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEM”.

This application software is computerizing the inventory level of all materials of the stores department and also some operations of purchase department. The company is maintained for each and every material. The main functions of stores department are material purchase, purchase order, purchase return, stock maintenance, material issue and material receiving.

The project consists of four modules:

  1. Master
  2. Transaction
  3. Service
  4. Reports

The first module includes the details about Vendor details, and Material Stock details.

The Second module includes the details about Purchase order, Material Receiving, Material Issues, and Purchase return.

The Third module includes the details about Material Outgoing and Material Incoming.

The Fourth module creates various reports for company requirement.

This project is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 as frond end tool and MS Access as back end tool.

Inventory Control System in VB




This project purely deals with the computerization of  “Inventory control system”. This system is computerized to get varies types or reports and bills. The user has entered the  purchase,  issue,  service    and   vendor   details,  The  system   is designed to meet the user requirements and  is user friendly along with the support of  the facilities of Visual basic 6.0in which the required coding  are written. This project is concerned with developing a new system that eradicates the loopholes and the draw back of the existing   system.

A through investigation of the existing system was carried out and its boundaries were analyzed. In accordance with the user requirements the format were designed.


The existing Inventory Control System is manual and is almost a tedious task to do various transactions. In day today life lot of transactions will be taking place. The employee who deals with this system will have to take much pain during the end of the final year.

The system will be dealing with a number of calculations during the end of the financial year. There is a chance of occurrence of errors at all levels of the system.

The records are stored in large and in different ledgers which is really an inconvenience to the user of the system.  A lot of entries have to be made in the ledgers for the transactions.

In case of announcement of the increment in the fuel cost the rates will differ. The users find the job to be difficult, as a lot of process has to be taken place.

Up – to- date reports have to be prepared at regular intervals.  Reports of this type require a lot of reference and calculations. The users may find it difficult with it, if there are lots of reports of this type.


The Inventory control system is developed for the stores Department. Since the system developed using Visual Basic in GUI environment, any report or information, which may be either regular of adhoc in nature, can be taken easily using this system.

As the language is fully menu-driven the user will find it very easy to handle the system. Also, the system is developed in such a way that it is mostly parameterized. This means, wherever possible the variable data like material, vendor can be found easily. This will enable the users to change any parameter, as and when required, without the any assistance from EDP professionals.

The developed Inventory control system will be very useful to them and the concern would utilize it extensively for their applications.


The proposed system seeks to eliminate discrepancies of the existing system. Hence the proposed has the following advantages over the existing system.

  1. Reducing error due to human factor as all the major manipulations are carried out by the system itself.
  2. Transactions statements via the proposed system turns out to be less costly compared to the manual system.
  3. Time factor allows sine less amount of time is taken to prepare the final statements.
  4. Accuracy, reliability and efficiency are greatly improved since the functionality of the proposed system excels the former one.
  5. Various settings can be done with less effort.
  6. Automatic computation of the currency.


Operating System: windows’98

Front End: Visual Basic 6.0

Back End: MS-Access 7.0

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