Impact Of Rice Husk Ash On Cement Concrete Project Abstract

Impact Of Rice Husk Ash On Cement Concrete Project Abstract is a lab report on CEMENT CONCRETE which IMPACT OF RICE HUSK ASH. HUSK ASH (HA), after the burning of rice husks (RH) has manufactured a high pozzolanic reactivity and property. Indian Standard code of practice for reinforced concrete and plain is 456- 2000, recommends use of  Rice Husk Ash in concrete but does not specify measures. Chemical composition of  Rice Husk Ash is affected in the combustion and the temperature. The report explains about the complete picture of the lab report with percentage value.

Rice Husk Ash contains silica in amorphous and highly cellular form, with 50-1000 m2/g surface area. Therefore, the use of Rice Husk Ash cement handling and improved stability, reduce the heat generation, thermal cracking and plastic shrinkage. This increases strength Impermeability, development and durability by strengthening transition zone, modifying the pore-structure, blocking the large voids in the hydrated cement paste through Pozzolanic reaction. Rice Husk Ash minimizes alkali-aggregate reaction, reduces expansion, polishes pore structure and hinders diffusion of alkali ions to the surface of aggregate by micro porous structure.


This report provides the complete picture and experimental methods of RICE HUSK ASH ON CEMENT CONCRETE production. It also explain the destructive test details. Compressive strength of concrete samples showed maximum increase 3.08% between RHA 7.50% to 10.00% which decreased further for higher percentage of RHA.

Reduction in water absorption, from results obtained from 6 tests concrete and 3 tests on mortar samples, it is observed that up to 10% RHA with concrete and mortar enhances all properties and it is observed that 12.5% of Rice Husk Ash by mass of cement as the optimum doses to be added in concrete production of M20 particularly when the husk is burnt under field condition to utilize the easily available and low cost resources for betterment of concrete structure with respect to economy, durability and strength. So best applicable percentage of rice husk ash as per field condition 10.00% for optimal strength and durability.

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