House Allotments System in VB


The allotment of houses for various people is due for automation. There are various data that are maintained. One of them is the employee detail. The various details include the code, the dress, the designation, name the confirmation data and the retirement date etc. there are also details like the various grades and designation that are maintained.

The employee has to request forma quarters and the various details are maintained. The details of allotment of the quarters are also maintained. The details of the persons occupying the quarters are also maintained. Once the above details are automated then the allotment is considered to be completed.

House Allotments System in VB


The system provides an easy way to perform computer based testing for small computer firms. It also helps to allotment  of  houses to the employees. This system will be customized according to the clients requirements and will be installed for them. This also focus on to allot the houses depending upon their grades quickly and efficiently.

Managing the activities while allotting the houses is not an easy task to allot the houses if  the no.of  employees is more and the no.of houses is less. if the no.of employees is more and the no.of houses is also more, then it is tougher to allot houses and maintain records manually.

In case of employee details , many activities such as collecting the employee name , employee id , address, grade ….etc. by using this employee details we can allocate houses to them quickly and fastly.

Thus the project house allotments was successfully completed.this software is fully functional and operational. since, this project is implemented using VB 6.0, it provides a more direct and easier way to allotment of houses. This project is very flexible and that are lot of provisions made for the future enhancement of this project.

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  1. Sir i like to develop this system so can you send me the coding & designing of this system..with thanks and regards

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