Design Of Under Ground Water Tank Btech Civil Project Report

The Design Of Under Ground Water Tank Btech Civil Project Report is prepared for Civil Engineering course. The underground water tank used to store water, liquid petroleum, and petroleum products and similar liquids. The force analysis of underground water tank about the same irrespective of the chemical nature of the product. Under ground water tank are designed as crack free structures and leakage proof. Reservoirs below the ground level are normally built to store large quantities of water or kind of liquids.


There are various types of underground water tanks describe in this report which are purification tanks, septic tanks, and gasholders. The design principle of underground tank is same as for tanks are subjected to internal water pressure and outside earth pressure. The base is subjected to weight of water and soil pressure. These tanks may be covered at the top. Whenever there is a possibility of water table to rise, soil becomes saturated and earth pressure exerted by saturated soil should be taken into consideration. The report contains about the details about Gyanganga society which is a residential society constructed by Goel Ganga Developers formally known as Goel Ganga private limited.


The report explains about the Water storage in the form of deposits for drinking and washing purposes, the pools are becoming increasingly important for exercise and enjoyment, and sewage sedimentation tanks importance in modern life. For small capacities the rectangular water tanks preferred, while capacities we for large circular tanks supplied with water. Especially in the design of ground water tank includes a set of mathematical formulas and calculations. It is also long. Therefore, the program gives a solution in the above-mentioned problems. There is a little difference between the design values of program to that of manual calculation. The program gives the least value for the design. Hence designer should not provide less than the values we get from the program. In case of theoretical calculation designer initially add some extra values to the obtained values to be in safer side.

Download Design Of Under Ground Water Tank B tech/BE Civil Final Semester Project Report.


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