Grid Communication Framework Computer Projects in .Net

Introduction to Grid Communication Framework Computer Projects in .Net:

Grid Computing refers to the applying of resources of many computers in a network to execute a process which requires a lot of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data.

Ideal Grid is still a theoretical concept which envisions leveraging the entire computational resource of the world into one vast network.

 The Infinity Grid Computational framework, limits the design to a specific domain of the network and the types of resources that will be used for sharing and selection, while maintaining the integrity of an abstract Grid.

Framework is based on Middle ware Architecture which provides functionality. Middle ware is the component which runs on throughout the grid and it is this component with which the grid directly interacts.

The architecture is completely peer-to-peer with each system in the grid capable of submitting the job to the Middle ware independently.

Dot net is used for implementation of the framework designed due to its effective server application and better network application.  

The implementation language provides a large set of functionality and create a more sophisticated and effective work. This software is also platform independent.

 Need and Scope of this project

The purpose of the project Infinity is to design and develop a Grid Communicator Framework, exploiting under-utilized computing resources over a network.

Grid will provide remote execution of jobs that require very high computational power in terms of CPU and memory space.

Software will search for the best available system in the grid by collecting system status data at that instance of time and determine the most feasible system that can used to execute the job.

The details of the design and implementation of the framework is described later in the report.

The basic features employed in the Grid Computational Framework are as follows:-

  • Remote execution of the jobs requiring high CPU and memory capacity in a connected network of LAN.
  • Harnessing massive power of underutilized resources scattered all over the network (LAN).
  • Registering of the services so that once a job has been submitted and executed remotely on the grid, user would have to just pass the argument when next time he wishes to execute the same program. 
  • Provide a graphical interface for running the job in the grid.

Download  Grid Communication Framework Computer Projects in .Net with project report.

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