Final Year ECE Seminar Topic on Green Photonics with Report

Introduction to Green Photonics Seminar Topic:

This paper addresses the importance of the green photonics in protecting environment; this paper gives a clean overview about the importance of these green photonics in the production of clean energy and solid state lightning with their importance in energy loss reduction and environmental sensing.

This project helps people to understand about how these photonics can be used to green house effect and present a new revolutionary concept called artificial photosynthesis, now coming to this project overview the concept green photonics is nothing but the involvement of photonics in generation and conservation of energy with less environmental pollution, by reducing green house gasses effects and providing an most sustainable and environmental friendly energy. Here we implement the photovoltaic (PV) power generation, and a high efficiency Solid-State Lighting (SSL) generation, organic photo sensors, and Artificial Photosynthesis

Which uses synthetic material in the place of chlorophyll molecules and “artificial leaf” power generation is created by the use of this synthetic material this is known as artificial photosynthesis. This is a renewable energy resource with less carbon emissions. This historic first generation green photonics has many advantages, like greater energy conversion and higher efficiency, greater impact on pollution reduction,  environmental sensing and monitoring with less green house gas emissions.

In the optoelectronics growth in industries and government policies in implementing green photonics in energy generation, these are now becoming an promising future for the upcoming green generation technologies with higher energy savings, these green photonics are the ideal choice to minimize the light pollution by implementing artificial photosynthesis, this paper includes the design and implementation with experimental verification details including the recent day market trends in green optoelectronic manufacturing with their energy efficient prospects.  And finally it had proven to be very useful in providing simple solutions for light pollution.  Solid State Lighting will be the future energy source for this world.

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