Graphical Password Authentication Using Cued Point Technology MATLAB Project Abstract

Introduction to Graphical Password Authentication Using Cued Point Technology MATLAB Project:

Graphical password authentication is use to support users in choosing higher passwords, so rising safety by increasing the effective parole house.

If we choose poor passwords result in the appearance of hot spots – parts of the image wherever users are additional probably to pick click-points, permitting attackers to mount additional sure-fire lexicon attacks.

Usable security has distinctive usability challenges as a result of the requirement for security usually implies that commonplace human-computer-interaction approaches cannot be directly applied.


Our projected system permits user selection whereas trying to influence users to pick stronger passwords.

It additionally makes the task of choosing a weak parole (easy for attackers to predict) a lot of tedious, so as to discourage users from creating such decisions.

Many types of graphical passwords are projected. In effect, our theme makes selecting a safer parole the “path-of-least resistance”.

During this password are created by positioning a “template” over a background image in order that the user’s secret areas fall at intervals the cut-out parts of the guide.

We tend to focus totally on click-based graphical passwords. In Pass Points passwords contains a sequence of 5 click points on a given image.

Users could choose any pixels within the image as click-points for his or her watchword. They found that users had problem memory the position of their example and selected similar areas of the photographs.

It absolutely was found that though comparatively usable, security issues stay. to cut back the safety impact of hot spots and more improve usability, we tend to projected an alternate click-based graphical watchword theme referred to as Cued Click-Points.

Graphical passwords provide an alternate to text-based passwords that’s supposed to be a lot of unforgettable and usable as a result of graphical passwords admit our ability to a lot of accurately keep in mind pictures than text.

To log in, they repeat the sequence of clicks within the correct order.

Download  Graphical Password Authentication Using Cued Point Technology MATLAB Project Abstract.

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