Android Seminar Topic

Android-Seminar-Topic.Android seminar topic explains about details about android mobile operating system, history of android operating system, features in android, Life cycle of android operating system and its applications.

Android operating system is designed by google for android mobile phones. Google provides free download for SDK, using these SDK users can develop their own mobile apps. There are many mobile companies that are using android operating system. Developing apps for android is truly open source. Developers can use core functionality of operating system for implementing apps, it will be easy for developers to use operating system functions like call flow, text messaging features, or using camera functions. This operating system uses linux kernel as basic source and it uses virtual machine for optimizing hardware and software environment. Android can support upcoming technologies. Android communities are the important source for developing innovative applications and updating to new technologies.  

Android allows developers to modify basic features of the phone like home screen modification, touch features, calling methodology and more to fulfill their interests. Developers can use web services to create innovative applications for contacts, calendar or geographic locations to provide user new experience. Developers can even user google features like google maps, google chrome to develop beyond the range applications.

Android Architecture.
An Android system consists essentially of five software layers: 
1) Linux 
2) Libraries 
3) Runtime 
4) Application Framework 
5) Applications 

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