Campus Activity Portal Java Project

An “Campus Activity Portal” is a collection of Web forms, images, videos and other digital assets that is hosted on one or several Web server, usually accessible via Campus activity Portal is an application would be used by any branch and any year students, programmers, professors or any other staff of college.

This application provides information about the college and about departments  presents in the college and also provides all the possible soft copies of lecture  notes, all available useful e­books of each and every subject, all subjects old  question papers, syllabus copies, practical titles and all the material that any  student want during his engineering.

One additional feature of this application is “MESSAGE BOX” where students can shout about their queries and problems which are visible to all the members who are accessing this application so if any members have the solution they can put the solution on the same MESSAGE BOX. Anybody using this application would be able to post his / her queries and reply to other peoples post.

This forum would be handled by an administrator. The office staff and other staff member can upload their notices on particular branch section which will visible to all the student of that with the help of this web based application, a user can use a single account to access the notes. Faculty can also post notes in pdf, e­books, word documents, lecture videos and important notices through intra­net gateways. Student who want to send feedback or suggestion using MESSAGE. In our project database has been added. The working of the project is as follows.

The first page provides several links. The Home page contains several information about the site like campus, management, facilities, infrastructure, sports, placements etc. User Login module helps the user to login to the application. For that he must type the username and password correctly.

The login provision in this page helps the already registered user to directly access the application. In the Login link a  student, staff, administrator can login using the appropriate Username and  password, through which they can upload or access soft copies of notes i.e. E- books, pdf, word documents, notices etc. The flash news and the events corner display the latest developments, announcements and events associated with the college activities. The administrator displays notices.

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