FPRS Based Visitor Control For Secure Areas (Abstract)

This Project “Design and development of FPRS based visitor control for secured areas” is a reliable circuit that takes over the task of counting number of visitors very accurately and control the visitors

The main objective of this Final Year Project Report is to develop an access control system which will authenticate the users using FPRS and users can access using the embedded system. It can be useful in book tracking in libraries, employ time, attendance and access control, product tracking in product assembly.

 In this Embedded System Project we are going to develop embedded system which will authenticate the users using FPRS, so that the unauthenticated users can be avoided. Every user’s finger prints stored in the memory. When the user comes to secured areas like Atomic/ defence Establishments, he can put the finger on reader to access the particular place, FPRS reader will detect the user automatically, it will give the access. . When any visitor visits the counter is incremented by one and if the count exceeds the maximum value the Buzzer rings. The total number of interruptions is also displayed on the LCD. This will completely automate the access control process.

This Project can be used in defense & Atomic space Establishments, The main advantage & best feature of this project is more secure and allows only selected people into the prohibited premises. 

download FPRS Based Visitor Control For Secure Areas  Embedded System Abstract

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