Eyegaze Communication System

The Eyegaze Communication System is a communication and control system with complex physical disabilities available for people. The system is run with your eyes. On looking at control keys available on a screen, a person is able to synthesize control his environment like lights, appliances, etc, and control speech, type, run computer software, operate a telephone and mouse, and access the Internet. This system is used to attend school write, books, and optimize the quality of routine life of people with disabilities over the world.

A very good system from computer industry, Eyegaze, a communication & control system which you run with your eyes. The Eyegaze System is a control system and direct-select vision-controlled communication. This system was developed in Fairfax, Virginia, by LC Technologies, Inc.

This system is developed especially for those people who cannot use their hands or voice so the only requirements is to operate the Eyegaze. It is control on one eye with vision & ability to maintain the head fairly still. This System is used around the world.  Its users are mainly adults and children suffering from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, ALS, multiple sclerosis, brainstem strokes, muscular dystrophy, and Werdnig Hoffman syndrome.

These systems have been using in schools, hospitals, homes, offices, and long term care facilities. A person can control his environment and do many activities using this system. To use this system, the user must have skills like good control of one eye, adequate vision, and to maintain a position in front of the monitor.


With today’s technologies, the human eye-gaze can be recorded by unremarkable techniques. The basic reason for eye-gaze based user interfaces is that it is a potential porthole into the cognitive processes and communication with the direction of the eyes which is faster than any mode of human communication.

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