Energy Management System Python Project


  • This is a project on energy management.
  • The project helps to save energy.


  • First, create an IBM cloud account with an e-mail address and password.
  • Then create an IoT platform and node-red platform.
  • We need to write a python code for it because it is a real-time example.
  • Create an MIT app.

First, create an IBM cloud account with an e-mail address and password

Go to google and search for IBM and create an account using your email address and log in to the page. we will get the interface as an IBM dashboard.


After creating an IBM account there will be a search option then we can able to see it. Type Internet of things there will be a platform called the internet of thing in that u can able connect the so many services in that internet of things and create a service in that it will ask u to launch it and for creating an internet of things u need some keys as API keys, Device connects and so many things will fill and u can able to see an option as the add device click on new device u can see the device has been created for that u need to keep the API keys, Device information safely in the note pad because it will help u at the need for connecting it.


we are writing python code because we are going to deal with a real-time example so we need to use python. actually, our project is about how much electricity is causing monthly and its estimated cost
In this, we are writing about fan, light, washing machine, tv, and ac let s take some random values in that because we can’t able take the exact values, and then we need to add all of the to know the charge and then we need to find out the estimation money for it. after completion of this code, u can able to know the code is running.
we need to send it to the IoT platform so we need to install pip by command prompt and then write the code separately so u can able to run and send information to the IoT platform. For sending to the IoT platform we need to give information in a notepad.

python code:

python running code

Information on IoT platform

Creating node-red platform

For creating a node-red platform we need to search in IBM as a node-red app then u can able to see the node app then create it as the local u can create node-red is nothing but we will get the information in the form of a flow chart.
we need to install IoT in, IOT out will be in the node-red app itself and then u can able to use it for better ability and experience we will use the gauge tool and for doing it on the web we will use the HTTP in, HTTP response and then we will use the payload option to print in and I will show u the flow chat I had created and when we run the program u can see the outputs are coming in the debug option.

Create an MIT app.

Search for the MIT app and click on create apps.

First, we should design the app page with alignments given on the left side of MIT. with horizontal alignments drag them to the screen and edit those with suitable markings.
And next insert a text box into the screen. As we have taken energy management the as a fan, ac, light, tv, etc.
Now insert 5 text boxes to the screen and assign the markings. Take two buttons one as checked and another as not checked.

And the two text boxes with one as charge gives the charge of every applicant and another as cost, which gives the summation of all applicants.

This is done and next tap to blocks button. In that create the blocks with URL.

Paste the URL which we have I IBM as:

Now tap on the build option and get the QR code and scan the code you will receive an apk file and install the file and app.

Now the click on the checked button now the values, cost, and charges will be displayed on the screen in their respective blocks.

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