Emergency Alarm And Health Care Management System


The main intention of introducing this Emergency Alarm And Health Care Management system is to increase the scope of options available for the users regarding their health care. Every sort of task is performed by the system, such as registering people of various categories (such as physician s,patients,and medical stores), inquiries, and complaints etc. reducing much of time consumption and rigorous attempts to obtain them. Also the latest information is available to the users regarding the availability of stores ,prescribed medicines and their particulars, physicians followed by their appointment details .

Using this system is as simple as using the personal computer. Since end user computing is developing in our country .It is beneficial to both Health centers and the patients. Every step is clearly defined and help is provided through out the application to the user. Even the exceptions are handled well to avoid confusion.

Physicians and health centers can get much out of the system. The system uses the patient details such as personal details followed by their residence for two vital alternatives

  • To find the nearest medical stores ,the details about the medicines and the availability.
  • To find out the nearest physician and the procedure for consulting them.

This system represents the patient by the User ID given while registering and this is main criteria how the patient is provided by the free services. The patients who are interested to consult any particular medical store must keep an request to them and the order is confirmed and placed.

Another key feature of this system is the emergency alarm that it provides to the users to recall them about their appointments or the status regarding their product delivery. It also intimates user regarding the consumption of their medicines on time.


  • The system is useful in various ways as the information about the patients who are taking the services from the health center all the details are already stored in the database , so the service is done in no time . All the information about the drugs are also maintained in the database.
  • Its excellent feature of emergency alarm helps users intimated about the intake of medicines, upcoming appointments and the delivery status.

Software Requirements:

Platform               –        Windows (2000/XP) /Unix/Solaris

Software               –        JSDK 5.0, Ms-Access.

Hardware Requirements:

Processor             –        Intel Celeron class Processor with 2.0 GHz

RAM                    –        256 MB

Hard Disk            –        40 GB

Keyboard             –        101 keys

Mouse                  –        Any pointing device


Health care architecture (model)

Figure 1.1 – Health care architecture (model)


The need for this website is to computerize the application processing and servicing the Patients request through automated modules is most necessary and now inevitable. As we have already seen that the need cannot be emphasized for the further development of this system is only timely and helpful to users as well as to the medical stores and the physicians, the system defined in the above script is up to date and caters to all kinds of requests to provide the better service to the patients, being developed in java it is also flexible modularized highly parameterized and hence can be easily deployed by any other application because of its componentized approach.

Based on the various parameters and properties files everything from the look and feel to the functionalities can be customized.Thus this project is developed from the beginning with reuse in mind and implicitly uses several design patterns. The architecture of this project is such that it suits the diverse and distributed nature of the Health Care Applications.


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