Electronic Card Lock System Final Year ECE Project Report

Electronic Card Lock System Final Year ECE Project Report For electronic/electrical appliances, the circuit described here is presented as a lock. , Depending on the punched hole on the card, when card is inserted a mechanism then particular appliance will be switched on. The card is inserted in the disk drive like a floppy disk and card must be in rectangular shape with only one punched hole.

The circuit makes use of four LDR and four white LED’s. If there is no card in the lock then the light falls on LDR and the resistance of LDR differs based on the incident light. The LDR is connected to comparator IC (LM-324). Relay is connected between appliance and the ULN.

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) is a small and round semiconductor. It is used to recharge the light while different changes occurs the light. The light dependent resistor controls heater inside the traffic light and light dependent resistors can be infrared detectors, clocks and security alarms.

The light dependent resistor is like a quarter shaped and is small in size. It changes the brightness of a light in every weather conditions. Comparator IC (LM 324) is an operational amplifier which performs mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, log, antilog etc and has two states +Vcc or –Vcc.

Resistor is an electronic component with two terminals which produces a voltage across its terminals and is proportional to the electric current and given by Ohm’s law as V = IR. Relay is an electrical operated switch. A capacitor is a passive electronic component that consists of a pair of conductors which are separated by a dielectric (insulator).

A diode is an electronic component that has two terminals, anode and cathode for conducting electric current in only one direction. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a light source semiconductor.

Electronic Card Lock System Final Year ECE Project Report Conclusion:

 This paper concludes about the different components which are applied in different fields for better output result.

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