Dotsoft the It Tool used in BSNL Final Year ECE Project

Dotsoft the It Tool used in BSNL Final Year ECE Project: The external and internal structure of BSNL is as follows: External infrastructure, Lines and cables ( U/G including OFC ) and Internal infrastructure, Battery, Power Plant, E/A, A/C plant, MDF, Switches ( C-DOT, OCB 283, EWSD, AXE etc ), Leased Lines ( MLLN ), Broad Band, MPLS VPN.

The Services provided by BSNL are WLL: CDMA Technology, Internet, Broad Band, Managed Network Services, Mpls Vpn, Isdn, Leased Lines, Vsat, In Services, Value Added Services, Enterprise Solutions, Telegraph, Epabx, Data Communications, And Dspt Service..

BSNL managed network services include end-to-end Turn key Implementation (including CPE), proactive management through state of the art NoC, periodic reporting facilitating trend analysis, capability to provide VPN connectivity from any part of the country, and managed Firewall as well as IP Sec.

BSNL’s IP Backbone uses MPLS technology. It keeps pace with the technological trend to give latest value added services to its customers. MPLS VPN is a technology that allows a Service Provider like BSNL to get full control over parameters which are important offering its customer’s service guarantees in regard to bandwidth throughputs, latencies and availability. It enables secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that allows scalability and offers assured growth to its customers. BSNL is demanded Bandwidth that provides Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and a host of value added services.

BSNL’s provides a diversified range of services (Layer 2, Layer 3 and Dial up VPNs) to get the requirements of the spectrum of customers from Small and Medium to Large business enterprises and financial institutions. It provides simple service to customers, and makes the service very scalable and flexible to have large-scale deployment. It provides a reliable and amenable service.

DOTSOFT the IT TOOL used in BSNL Final Year ECE Project Conclusion:

There are many IT tools which are utilized in the BSNL. DotSoft is the first integrated telecom application in BSNL that consists of commercial, billing, accounting, fault repair service and directory enquiry services. DotSoft networking elements are Hub, Modem, Router, and Switch.

Download DOTSOFT the IT TOOL used in BSNL Final Year ECE Project.

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