Educational Products Suppliers Project in Java

Business Idea:

The main goal of Educational products suppliers project is to collect all the educational products and place them in to single website and sell them through online.

Nature of the project/ Process of Purchase:

Collecting all the products those are like books, charts, Puzzles etc., which comes under stationary. We have to collect and maintain the information about the products in data bases. Update information regarding products based on their versions of books. Developing the e commerce website this website must contain the information of products. User can see the products and they can buy them through online. Here they have the sign in and log in forms.

First user want to enter in to website by using the URL. After that they want to login to their account if they are already member if not they have to register first. Once login with their credentials the entered data is checks with data which is already in database, if the information is correct they can renders in to home page then they can see all the products. User have the access to select the products and can add to the wish list or they can buy through their cards by entering the necessary information. And user should also provide their shipping details for delivery.

Budget information:

Technologies and requirements used to develop the website and to meet the user requirements. The project should solve the business issues and should satisfy the user requirements. Economic feasibility says about the budget information of the project. The project should capable of generating the profit to the organization. This is mainly depends upon cost of products which we have buy from publishers, manufactures and from retailers. Budget should also depends upon software, hardware, and other technical tools and databases we used to develop the website.

According to our estimation it may cost 5,000 /- to 10,000 /- based up on all the specifications and requirements. It may vary if the business grows higher.

Issues and Risks:

There may be chances of slow down the server. Sometimes there is a chance of mismatch of information of products. There may be a chance of arising the security issues regarding user information. And delivery issues.

Presence Strategy:

The main goal of Educational products suppliers Final Year Project is to collect all the educational products and place them in to single website and sell them through online.

  • Collect all the products from manufactures, book publishers, retailers.
  • Collect all the information regarding the products.
  • Store all the information in databases. So that we need servers.
  • High level business requirements, specifications needs to develop the projects.
  • Maintaining the security to user information.
  • Proper arrangements of products based up on their priority and updating versions.


This Educational Products Suppliers project should meet all the user needs that are required to buy the stationary. Creating the user friendly environment.


Developing the Educational Products Suppliers e commerce website based up the requirements gathering and information of the products.

Target Audience:

Site maintainers, site users, product maintainers, product buyers, suppliers.

Intended market space:

Market space is nothing but where the site is in use.

Main Project Success Criteria:

Based upon collection of requirements, Analysis,Proper designing, implementation and providing a full extensive report including detailed financial analysis and recommendations how to implement the project.

Business statement, high level business requirement, specifications, developers, integrating, data flow, screen flows, user accepting testing, quality assurance,


  • Collecting all the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Analysis of all the requirements,
  • Allocate work to group of people who can work full time on project.
  • Maintaining the healthy relationship between the designers, developers, and data collectors.
  • From a group of people to collect all the products. And maintain those product information in databases.
  • Using and maintaining the company servers.
  • Day to day updates of products.
  • Designing of website by using the unified modelling languages.
  • Select the skilled developers to develop the website. These developers use the designing models to develop the website.
  • Make sure of data flow and screen flow.
  • After developing the pages we have to integrate the pages.
  • Providing the security to user information.
  • Once the website is done we have to test the website for page responsiveness and we have to check all the functionalities.


The users may be any type of users there is no restrictions in age, gender etc.,

Purchasing habits of user depends upon their needs.


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