ECE Seminar Topic on Minimizing File Download Time in Stochastic Networks

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Minimizing File Download Time in Stochastic Networks:

Most of us shares files with our friends, colleagues, family etc., it’s a basic thing we all do while using a computer.  Peer to peer network is a new and innovative networking process that is catching up with a lot of people in today’s world. Such peer to peer file sharing process uses a large chunk of bandwidth and hams up the network traffic. In such scenarios, downloading the shared file on the network is a hugely time consuming process. The slowness of the system may also be as the result of fluctuation in service capacity. 

There are many concerns effecting the time consumed for downloading files namely:           

  • The service capability undergo spatial heterogeneity in different peers 
  • In a single peer, the service capability are subjected to temporal fluctuations 

From the two points we can make out that it’s the service capability of the peers that undergoes flaws and as a result the download time takes a hit. There is a need of a simple non complex algorithm with the help of which we can increase the performance of the network by minimizing negative factors affecting the peers and thereby reducing the download time to a huge extent. As this network is used mainly for distribution of the content, the single system will act both as a client and a server making the system centralized than any other network. The existing system has much flak that can be solved by this proposed system. 

Steps in the proposed system: 

  • The relationship is characterized with reference to download time and service capability 
  • Proving that non unique capacities will increase the downloading time 
  • A scholastic capacity process defines the download time 
  • Increased relations among capacity increases downloading time 
  • Eliminating any negative impact in peers

The proposed modules include parallel downloading, random chunk based downloading, random periodic switching etc. 

Download  ECE Seminar Topic on Minimizing File Download Time in Stochastic Networks .

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