Distribution Management System Project

Distribution Management System Project is a web application developed for trading products through online. In order to increase business and reach maximum number of users this application is developed.

Distribution Management System

Internet is the best media for all what they want to provide to their customers. Internet can be used to optimal benefit in this case, with much lesser budget than any other solution. They want their web presence more interactive and informatory yet simple and easy to navigate.

The features and the facilities they are looking in their web site are…

  • Different logins for casual visitors and registered customers
  • Visitors, prospective buyers and as well as existing customers can choose to get more information from the variety of the products displayed either on screen or through mail
  • Visitors can virtually build their computer system using online visual guide
  • Different combinations and configurations should be displayed along with the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • The selected product or system’s pricing details should be visible upon selection, and it will be immediately get changed when they select different configuration
  • The system should generate an electronic estimate or quote to the customer – on screen, and the same should be sent to the visitor’s email
  • A copy of each electronic quotation / estimation will be stored in central database for further reference and the same has to be mailed to the concerned syndicate member for further persuasion
  • The said central database should maintain all the information about the Visitors, customers, syndicate members, distributors, vendors, products, and their pricings, etc.,
  • The intelligent option here is to provide the pricing structure to the visitor will be automatic, i.e. the pricing are competitive and up to date, without manually updating.
  • There should be option to manual override to change the product prices and the margin levels by the administrator.
  • The proposed system will facilitate the communication between the syndicate members very easily.
  • In addition to the quotation building, the system also tracks the status of the ordered product and furnishes the invoice when the order is executed.
  • The logged in visitor, who ordered for a product or service, can also track the status of his order or enquiry online.
  • They have also intentions to provide online service help to the existing customers

Distribution Management System Project Modules:

This project is mainly divided into 6 modules known as

  1. Login
  2. Build Computer
  3. Administration Tasks
  4. Generate Quotation
  5. Warranty and Replacement
  6. Help.

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