Distributed Detection in Mobile Access Wireless Sensor Networks under Byzantine Attacks

Distributed detection in mobile access wireless sensor networks under byzantine attacks project is a NS2 based java project. In a wireless sensor network we a need a effective communication system for securing data from static and dynamic attacks. Static attack:  This is type of attack caused by malicious nodes which will send data in opposite direction with a arbitrary probalitiy .

Dynamic Attack: This is type of method used by malicious nodes where position of nodes will be changing after each attack block.

Project Abstract:

Wireless sensor networks are playing important role in military and other applications which work under different conditions. In these networks sending data and communication between nodes must be secure in order to secure data we use effective methods like reliable data fusion to control byzantine attack. In this project we use q – out –of-m rule which give best results in controlling attacks and false alarm rate under different distributed systems.

Drawbacks of System:

 Main draw back with existing system is we need a exhaustive search methods which can work with large networks.

Proposed System:

In proposed system we work on three points.

In first step explanation about q-to-m rule is done which can be applied to large networks. In order to check with large size networks optimal scheme parameters are checked with small size networks using search and then get fusion parameters for large size networks by finding a linear relation between scheme parameters and size of network. With these results we can find issues in existing systems are solved.

Secondly we find a solution for effective flexible distributed data fusion methods which can work in different conditions and control malicious nodes.  In order to implement this we use a closed form solution for q –out-of-m scheme where we use central limit algorithm.

In third step method is concluded by analyzing closed and liner methods where total attacks from malicious nodes  and false alarm rate is reduced. 

Download Distributed Detection in Mobile Access Wireless Sensor Networks under Byzantine Attacks Abstract.

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