Distinguish between Android and IPhone

Distinguish between Android and IPhone:

Distinguish between the phones using Android operating system and iPhones are already done several times but many of those comparisons are unfair and inclined by each other. There are many other comparisons that are not influenced by other comparisons. The following are the differences between the Android phones and IPhones that are fair. From this particular part of the literature the user can take a fair decision about selecting the phone they need by knowing about the features of those phones. These differences are discussed with following factors:

  • Battery: When the factor “Battery” is considered in both IPhone and Android phone it is clear that the battery in IPhone cannot be replaced. The fact is that in this type of phones the battery is not even visible to the user and it not possible to remove. The other considerable issue here is if any problem occurs with the battery of IPhone then that should be sent to Apple this indicates that there will be no other options to use as alternative. In case of the Android phones, battery can be easily removed and replaced when required. Even the batteries are available in the market and so the user can carry an extra battery with him to use when the battery in his phone is out of charging. If there is some problem with the battery the services are also available in the market. Therefore from this particular factor selecting the Android phones is an advantage.
  • Applications: When this factor is considered IPhone has more than 230,000 applications and this count of applications is increasing day by day. However Android phones have nearly 70,000 applications as of now and therefore IPhone is considered as the best option in this factor.
  • Jailbreak: This particular feature is not available with the IPhones when it is purchased. If the user is interested they can adopt this at their own risk. But there may cause some problems if these types of features are taken some types the operating system gets struck when that feature is used. Jailbreak feature comes with phones using the Android operating system; the service providers of these phones will provide this feature also. This particular feature attracts many users in foreign countries like US. Because of this feature they can get switched to some SP when they took their phone to their own places without having irritating problems. Earlier they should adopt the feature on their own if they have to switch to SP but now they can directly use the feature from the Android phones. Therefore Android phones are considered as the better option regarding this particular feature.
  • Notifications: In IPhones notifications are individual and pushed on updates. In case of Android phones notifications are available system wide, these are non-modal and additional application notifications are also available and they are new message, new mail and new tweet so on. The details can be viewed in a cascade window just by scrolling it down. This feature also indicates that Android phones are better than IPhones.
  • Internal Memory: The internal memory of IPhone is great. Based on the requirement and interest of the user the internal memory can be selected. In case of the Android phones the internal memory is restricted to some MB. This can be considered as problem of Android phones because some part of the internal memory is occupied by the default stuff given with phones like media information, wallpapers etc. And all the applications have to run on the limited memory and so the smartness of the phone will also reduce. Regarding this particular feature IPhones are better than Android phones.
  • External Memory: IPhones don’t have external memory expanding feature. Even though there is no such feature, users are not having any issues regarding the memory as they have moreover required phone memory. The users can select the internal memory option according to their requirement and so they don’t have any data loss because of memory. In case of the Android phones the external memory can be expanded by choosing the SD card and then insert it in the phone to share the required information such as photos, songs and videos etc. But the problem with usage of these phones particularly regarding this feature is in some cases the SD cards gets corrupted and the content stored in that card will be lost. Therefore keeping this feature in mind IPhones are the best option compared to Android phones.
  • Dictionary: The dictionary available with IPhones is of Artificial Intelligence type. This indicates that the meaning of a word can be given by the user. That means in case the user types a wrong word for number of times then the IPhone will not indicate that as an error also learns that word and adds to its dictionary. But in Android phones the dictionary available is Google Voice integration dictionary which is editable if required by the user. Because of this type of dictionary the user can easily use this for messaging or mailing. Hence Android phones are better than IPhones considering especially this feature.
  • Mail App: IPhone provides and efficient and effective mailing system and this is a single e-mail app for all the mails such as Gmail, yahoo etc. In Android phones each type of mails has different Apps. But all the Apps cannot work efficiently. In these smart phones users will not face much problem with the Gmail App but they always complaint about the other mail Apps as their mail editing options are limited. So IPhones are best than Android phones corresponding to this feature.
  • Aesthetics:
  • Sync/ File transfer: IPhones has the facility of “itunes sync model” features, this is similar to iPods. This indicates that the user can have a sync folder in the system and then the media stuff can be transferred to that sync folder formerly before starting the sync. In case of the Android phones they have a feature called “plug and transfer”. Using this feature the user can share the required content to their personal computers from the phones as this is possible because of the external storage option. Hence Android phones are better in this case.
  • Buttons/Hardware Design: IPhones have a perfect functionality with one button, that means the functions are done clearly as they indicated whether it is back or menu. In case of the Android phone based on the usage of the user physically the buttons get struck particularly the menu and back button as they are the most used options. Even the function of separate apps will be changing from one another. Some phones have the trackball which is really not much useful and therefore iPhone is the better option than Android phones.
  • Text Editing: the texting editing features of IPhone are observed really good and behaves similar without regarding the app. The editing operations include cut, copy and paste. It is also proved that these operations can developed so far. In Android phones the test editing operations are also changing depending on the app used and these operations are also observed inconsistent. Hence IPhones are better than Android phones in this context.
  • Charger: Charging for this phone is possible only with the Apple chargers. There are no other options for charging the IPhones. These chargers are available in the market it would be more better if it can get charged with any other chargers. In case of the Android phones they are provided with the Micro USB chargers which are similar to many of the phones. They are also available in the market easily; irrespective to the company of the phone this Micro USB can be used to charge the phone. Therefore android is the best option than the IPhone.
  • Upgrading OS: Upgrading of operating system is available with the IPhones even once formerly to its origination of highly configured operating system which is not compatible. In case of the Android phones upgrading of OS is not possible. Here IPhones are best than Android phones. 

                             All these are the most common features that can be observed in Android phones and IPhones. In addition to these features there are few more features that working well in these phones and they are

  • Multitasking and Back ground Apps
  • Auto suggestion: this application is from Google search
  • Google Calendar sync: this is different for both the phones, “Configure Exchange server in mail” is for IPhone and “accessing the Google account to sync” is for Android phones.
  • Bookmarking Sync: this is different in both the phones, “Safari bookmark sync option over MobileMe” in IPhones and “Google chrome bookmark sync” in Android phones. 

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