Digital Radio Broadcasting Final Year Seminar Topic for ECE with Report

Introduction to Digital Radio Broadcasting Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about a Digital radio broadcasting technique. This technique provides high quality sound along with the providing wider listening choice through many additional services and stations.  Currently analogue FM radio broadcasting systems in VHF band cannot give an excellent sound quality, small portable receivers and large number of stations. The technical quality standards of Digital audio signals are far better than usual radio broadcasting which transmits over the analog FM system.


DAB bandwidth requirements are very less when compared to that of analog counterpart and also has efficient compression techniques.  DAB provides better quality of audio and error correction is one of the parts of this digital system.  This digital system requires less power when compared to that of regular radio signals. Multiple interference is one of the main problems of analog FM, which is reduced or completely avoided by this digital system.  This digital system has new and efficient method of modulation and because of this there is rapid development in single frequency networks which in turn give high spectrum efficiency.  

The DAB satellite system and terrestrial systems have the same modulation or coding system parameters and also use same receiver and antenna.  DAB satellites can cover much larger areas when compared to that of terrestrial broadcast stations. DAB satellites system suits for mixed terrestrial broadcasting by using an omnidirectional receiving antenna.  Ensemble transport interface allows the proper distribution of signals from DAB ensemble multiplexer to the COFDM generators.  Main Service Multiplex reconfigure from time to time by a DAB system. In order to communicate to the receivers on how to access the services, Fast information channel carries the precise information about Main Service Multiplex contents and communicate accordingly.


Data Audio Broadcasting is in its path of growth and development. DAB is becoming sound of the future.  DAB technology is slowly replacing all the existing methods. DAB is still in infant stage in its growth and has a capability to change the way that radio is perceived. 

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