Designing a Database System for Tourist Application


The purpose of the project is to develop a distributed database system for tourist application by utilizing the knowledge and skills gaining from this subject. This project is chosen to enhance the technical skills that are acquired from lectures and lab exercises; every phase of this project includes implementation of various programming aspects of the subject. Working on this of project gives us a better experience that can be used in developing real time projects in coming future.

This project is nothing but developing a distributed database system for tourism/tourist application. Various phase of this project involves a database with several tables linked and has tourist information and in phase two we will be developing a standard web page that linked to the tourist database to retrieve tourist information. (As the knowledge and time is limited we will be making this project to satisfy the requirements of this subject, any additional features can be added later on).


In present scenario, a customer has to visit various agencies and offices to plan a tour. The customer has to make reservations for travel and accommodation. The customer may have to collect information from various sources. It takes a lot of time to plan a tour and often the data may not be up to date.


The proposed system maintains a centralized repository of all related information such as tour packages, places, hotels and enables one to make reservations for various transportation modes. The system provides all the help and information that a customer generally requires. The system allows one to browse through all the details and information.


The system has been identified to be presented with the following modules:

Tours, Flight Reservation, Hotel Reservation, Local Transportation reservation, Administration


Organizing a tour involves many things, which includes flight reservation, accommodation reservation and local transportation booking. As a package of all these things, a tour package will be offered to the customers.

This module deals with managing everything as a package.

Flight Reservation:

This module only deals with flight reservation and it is specific to the users who would want to avail the flight reservation separately.

Hotel Reservation:

This module deals with accommodation reservation. It is specific to the users who would want to avail hotel reservation separately.

Local Transportation reservation:

This module deals with local transportation reservation. It is specific to the users who would want to avail local transportation reservation separately.


The administration module centralizes all activities to be done in this application. It automatically allocates the hotel, and does the local transportation reservations if the customers opt for a package. Administrator also can add, delete and edit information related to packages, tours and accommodations.


Requirements are listed in terms of use cases


Tour ID, Tour Name, Place From, Place To, Places To Be, Duration, Fare, Description

Tour Booking

Book ID, Tour ID, Customer Name, Customer Email ID, Place From, Place To, From Date, To Date, Number Of Persons, Amount, Credit Card Number

Cab Booking

Customer Name, Customer Email ID, Cab Location, Cab Type, Travel Name, From Date, To Date, Fare, Credit Card Number, Book ID

Flight Booking

Booking Date, Customer Email ID, Customer Name, Flight Number, Flight From, Flight To, Airline Name, Journey Date, Arrival Time, Departure Time, Number Of Tickets, Fare, Credit Card Number, Amount, Book ID)

Hotel Booking

Customer Name, Customer Email ID, Hotel Name, Hotel Location, From Date, To Date, Number Of Persons, Credit Card Number, Amount, Book Date, Book ID

Package Booking

Book ID, Book Date, Customer ID, Customer Name, Package Name, Journey Date, Number Of Persons, Amount

Customer Registration

User Name, Password, Confirm Password, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, Age, Phone Number, Email ID

State Details

Country, State Name, City Name, Description, Area Code

Tour Guide

Guide Name, Gender, Languages Known, Amount, Email ID, Phone Number

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  1. I’m a student in IT. I have a travel management project and I have no idea for my database. Please help me share your source code for me.

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