Design And Development Of FPRS, RFID Based Petro Card System (Abstract)

Design And Development Of FPRS, RFID Based Petro Card System using of Finger print based bio metric systems also increasing the secure areas.

In this RFID Based Petro Card System project, RFID cards are used as prepaid petro cards , Finger prints are used to check for the authorized person(use full for avoiding misusing by others when the card is lost) . Using this technique each card’s number is assigned with certain amount of money depending upon prepaid money in the microcontroller’s memory.

In the petrol bunks, the customer can use card he can pay the bill from the pre paid card. He put the card at the RFID Reader and need to show finger print at finger print module, then user enters the how much amount petrol getting in to vehicle through the keypad in litters. Then the embedded system reduces the amount from the card and shows balance on the LCD display.

This Embedded System Project can be used at petrol bunks & Avoids carrying money every time.

download Design And Development Of FPRS, RFID Based Petro Card System Embedded System Final Year Project Abstract

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