Data Analysis in Banking Sector MBA Research Paper

In this chapter, researcher presents the evidence that was gathered through the respondents of the different banking sectors. Respondents views on the areas highlighted in the theoretical framework are presented in the following sections, as this research about finding causes of Non-performing assets and how they are effected on the economy levels and to make the data analysis more supportive researcher have chosen country wise analysis with other Asian countries but major part of analysis is based on managers who are mainly responsible for controlling factor of Non-performing assets.

Presentation of the banks and its employers:

Researcher has chosen highly qualified managers from banks which are in advancement of technology and the birth of competition these banks are in the race of becoming the best in the country with latest innovative ideas to bring customer satisfaction policy to reduce the hazards. Most of these banks are generating highest turnover on money lending practices which they can tackles highest ratio of Non-performing assets. Most banks from the list have introduced world ATM cards to make travelers across the globe and internet banking is the call of the day for the banks where researcher can get good quality of information. Sector of the banks that I have chosen are mostly covered government and private banking as I have noticed these are the banks dealing with high NPA levels and to give further little support foreign and commercial banks have played their role. 

Presentation of the main respondents:

This research is concentrated on the interview questionnaire have been very open and helpful in the study and have sought to develop their answers at the best they can. Below is a brief presentation of main respondents who shared their opinions and thoughts.

Sharanam shah, present manager for private banking sector in Hyderabad which is capital to Andhra Pradesh state in India, has become manager straight into the entry of organization with his higher qualified studies and has worked past three years for this organization.

Cristopher, present Business consultant manager for commercial banking sector in Hyderabad which is capital to Andhra Pradesh state in India, has worked part-time sub-advisor for six years until he finish his studies.

Pranav koushil, present general manager for head-quarters of government banking sector in Mumbai which is capital of Maharashtra state in India, has working more than two years and took the position of general manager through college internship on his first entry.

David, present manager for foreign banking sector in Delhi which is capital of India, he has worked his way up within the organization.

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