Cyborgs – An advanced Robotic Technology Btech CSE Seminar Presentation

The research paper Cyborgs – An advanced Robotic Technology Btech CSE Seminar Presentation talks about the Cyborgs- An Advanced Robotic Technology. Pictures like Bicentennial Man and the Last Mimzi have glorified the field of Robotics like never before. There has been an upsurge in choosing the career domain as an inevitable career option. There is a breakthrough in the research in Robotics almost daily. Cyborg is one such advanced technology that has many promises to make to the coming generations.

Literally a Cyborg is a hypothetical human being with programmed for an alien or hostile environment. A Cyborg has artificial limbs or other body parts. Hollywood glorified Cyborgs in blockbusters like Terminator. A Cyborg can also be a human being seeking respite in artificial intelligence to overcome his/her physical/mental constraints.

Besides fiction and Hollywood Cyborg acts as a panacea for people who might have suffered a limb/limbs amputation in wars or accidents. iLimb and C-Leg are some major breakthrough in the domain of Cyborgs. The iLimb acts as a prosthetic to help the victim cope with the loss of hand/leg. Besides aiming at helping the victim assume a natural gait the iLimb also has magnetic and cochlear implants that help the victim with sensory perception.

A British Research Scientist Kevin Warwick made 100 electrodes fire his neurons in order to make his mind communicate with the internet. He carried many other researches successfully.

Cyborgs also play a vital role in safeguarding and managing huge records/databases.

Types of Cyborgs:

There are two types of Cyborgs- Restorative and Enhanced. As the name suggests the restorative Cyborgs help in restoring the activity of lost limbs, organs etc.  The enhanced Cyborgs works towards maximizing the output of the artificial limb/organ. Cyborgs has also penetrated deeper into fields called as ‘Cryonics’—wherein a patient deemed dead is preserved and treated at a later stage. Cyborgs plays a vital role in military too.

Besides given a lease of life to sports personnel by gifting them with high performance limbs which otherwise might have been amputated in some accident.


Cyborgs has a great future lying ahead. One may in the future have a machine body with the muscular brain, or a muscular body harboring a computer brain!!

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