Contrivance Planning Management System Project in Java

Main objective of contrivance planning management System software application is to help users to get information regarding organizations and send resumes and get details directly from organizations and human resource team. This application has option to share information between experienced members in that field and gain knowledge on updating technologies.

Contrivance Planning Management System

Existing System:

In existing system total process is manual there are cases where only contrivance planning management team should view details which is part of confidential information. But with this manual system it would be tedious to implement this separation.

There need to be manual interaction visiting local offices and giving support and feedback which is a time taking process. In order to overcome this process we need a effective software application.

Proposed System:

Using this online application which is a automated system where users can view organization details and requirement information provided by company. Users can submit resume using online registration process entire application works on centralized database.

Contrivance Planning Management System Modules Overview:

Leave management:

  • In this module admin goes to maintain the leave details of their employees .
  • Every company should follows some specification for leave process
  • Here they are maintain leave details as form of how many days each employee can take leave in per year
  • And how many days they are used and how many days are remaining in each employee

Pay roll

  • In this module maintaining the payroll details for each employee.
  • As how much salary each employee getting and their commission details
  • And here they calculating their net salary from previous point assumption.


  • Employee registration is done this module
  • Their personal details is maintained in separate tables
  • If the requirement is met with the existing data then the list of variables employee with their skill set are will be displayed in the screening form.

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