Communal Contact Java Project


Communal contact is a java project developed to provide a platform for users to communicate with each other’s by exchanging messages and to maintain good friendship. This system allows the user to maintain good relationships with social network and promote their relations.


Communal contact is a java based web application which maintains the data in a centralized manner. This project is developed to allow communication between the people who are from different cultures and different places. This communal contact is considered as a social unit for two or more people who share something in common.

This system provides the users to share or discuss their ideas from any place. Users can exchange or get knowledge about norms, values, identity. By sharing this type of information it can be very helpful to future generations to know the social responsibilities and ethics in society.

The system helps the user to find their present and old friends by submitting a few of their details like name. user will get registered to this system by using username and password. The system provides support for online communities, so that users can maintain both personal relationships and social fabrics. The system provides a number of interfaces through which one can send mails or participate in forums and other such related activities.


The main objective of this Communal Contact Java Project is to allow users to communicate with each other by sharing messages and pictures. To provide a easy way of communication.


Admin Module:

Administrator maintains the entire application and has all access rights. Administrator can manage user details and decides the privileges of each user

User Module:

User must be registered to access the application. User can create a personal profile. User can search for friends and also find new friends. User can provide answers to the questions posed by other users.

Polls Module:

This module allows users to create polls and participate in polls created by other users. This feature allows to check how many users have similar views about a topic.

Gangs Module:

This module allows a user to create one’s own gang or to enroll in other gangs. This feature allows a user to bond friendships with a close group of members.

Questioning Module:

This module allows user to create a new question or to answer other question asked by other users and can view the list of answers given by different users.

Opinions Module:

This module allows users to share their opinions regarding cars, schools, bikes and movies.

Reports Module:

This module allows administrator to generate various reports based on different criteria such as number of users, poll results and so on.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                         :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                   :           JavaScript

Programming Language               :           Java

Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC

Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                         :           My SQL 5.0

Operating System                         :           Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX

Web Server                                   :           Tomcat 5.5 / 6.0

Browser                                         :           IE/Mozilla

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