Common Problems Faced in Dealing with Part-Time Staff who are International Students

What are the common problems faced by Sainsbury customers in dealing with part-time staff who are international students? 

The answer to this question can be attained by the understanding the statements of the customers in the light of their experience with part-time student employees along with the findings referring to the challenges faced by part-time international service employees in dealing with customers.

It is observed that the customers find it difficult to understand the accent of the part-time international student employees. This statement is backed by the following finding when one of the customer responded in this manner: 

It happened when I visited the store for the first time when I faced a part-time international service employee. As I was looking around the store, a Nikon camera caught my eye and one of the service employees came forward to explain the features of the camera. He initially gave a brief demo about the camera. Then as I had some doubts, I asked few queries for which I received irrelevant answers. I asked him repeatedly the same question so as to make it clear. Then, I thought that it is my accent that is troubling him in understanding my queries 

Another concern was that shade of rudeness observed in the communication style of part-time international student employees. This was revealed when Student Employee A was asked  about the challenges faced by part-time international service employees. He or she (depending how you describe him/her)  talked about his/her experience in the following manner.

“I have been working as a part-time employee for the last six months. I am from India and I used to struggle to pick the slang of local customers initially. I used to ask some customers to repeat their words. This irked many customers and as a result of that I received negative feedback from the customers when they mentioned their views in the feedback form. However, I slowly improved with the time and now I am quite comfortable in picking the slang of local customers. In my early days I was shocked to see a customer complaining that I am rude. I was shocked because I felt that I didn’t speak in rude manner. When I spoke to my department manager, I was asked whether I missed some of the words like “thank you”, “hello”, “sorry”, “please” and “cheers” in my conversation. I came to know then that I seldom used those words. My manager explained the importance of such words in my communication style 


This section presented the findings that facilitated to answer the research questions. The research questions mainly revolved around the difference in communication styles between part-time international student employees and local service employees along with the focus on the role of manager in improving the communication of part-time international service employees. The answers to these questions aim at solving the research problem by meeting the research objectives and it could help in suggesting suitable solution to the problem. 

Summarize what was found, how it needs solving? This is one of the most important sections of your research!

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