Commodity Intelligence System ASP Project Documentation

The main objective of this Commodity Intelligence System ASP Project Documentation is to assist equitable distribution of business-matching supply and demand in minutes benefiting every one in the trade and commodities transaction the opportunity to take control of the Concept as a useful tool to enter a all new paradigm away from their traditional business modes for a prospective and reaping business avenues in Commodity platform thus economies according to their priorities and along a more sustainable path.

The main Page of this Commodity Intelligence System includes About Us page, About CIS page, Sample, register New user, Information Supply and finally Contact Us Web Page.

Find the below Added Sample Source Code for Customer registration in CIS Project where Customer regisration form provides customer name, customer address, city, pin code, phone number, fax number, email id, mother tounge, date of birth, customer age, ocupation, Qualification, join date and finally business category.


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