Adaptive Control System with Knowledge Server Project Report

Nowadays, within the intelligent machine tools scenario the human involvement was totally changed and replaced by the controllers. Especially in the last decade period many research works are carried out on this concept to get appropriate idea on ideal scenario but still the CNC information processing process was not changed rapidly. This paper will identify the actual requirements of intelligent CNC system in order to analyze and identify the technology advancements within this specific filed by making use of the different types of the adaptive control systems. Within this system, a new concept which is a cost effective one for the purpose of artificial intelligence referred to as Knowledge Server Controllers are been established through which the actual intelligent processing requirements of the devices can be solved for the purpose of processing the intelligent data. This particular KSC- Knowledge Server Controllers are been utilized within the open environment of CNC for the purpose of building the efficient intelligent CNC.

The actual parameters which can be controlled within the machines with use of Artificial Intelligence Model with online path generation facility are presented within this paper. The added advantages of this system are that the tools can be selected automatically and operational parameters can be set easily. It is even capable of generating the automatic funds according to the limitations of the machines which uses back step strategies for detecting the geometrical deflections by using the control algorithms. This system will be incorporated with the alternate devices in order to solve the problems mutually and to detect the breakage of tool wares. Finally, if the interface is been established among the adaptive control system micro controller as well as the artificial intelligence data based the entire communication parameters can be controlled by using the server knowledge by introducing the prototypes.

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