Candidates Classification System


The purpose of this Candidates Classification System is to provide means for institutions to divide the candidates into groups. Few times it is required for them to create groups to conduct academic or extra-curricular activities. These groups can  either be  diverse, where the group consists of all kinds of people or a similar group having like-minded people.

This Candidates Classification System mainly helps in avoiding random or biased division which can give a particular group an unfair advantage and make the competition unbalanced. It also provides best results in terms of time and accuracy when compared to grouping done manually.

It consists of two modules, the admin who creates the groups and manages the personality traits questions based on which the division will be made and another the user , who gets registered himself / herself in the portal and gets a username and password to login.

The user can then take the test and later view which group he was assigned. The traits questions can be based on personality traits , aptitude, emotional-intelligence ,hobbies or interests, attitudes and beliefs  and other topics  which can be modified by the admin based on the requirements of grouping .

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