C# and .net concepts

There is many computer or software programming languages and one of those is the c#.net concepts. C# is the latest programming language after the visual basic language and is in use demand by the developers these days. C# makes or creates the code part in the .NET framework only.

The main thing used here is the CLR the common language runtime which acts as a compiler for the code sectors to generate the outputs successfully. The CLR turns the code into the machine language that a system can understand and process its output. Codes are compiled in the source code to MS-IL called as the Microsoft intermediate language. The advantages of this managing code are that they are platform independent, interoperability and the com interoperability. The most important features of the c# language are the OOPS concepts and interfaces, distinguishing by the value and reference types, data typing and using attributes etc… there are also two more types named as the CLS and the CTS.

Garbage collection is a .net supporter which clears out the memory which it is not in use. It is an automatic process of cleaning the memory which is unused. It permits the application code to execute classes and namespaces. These all are inbuilt in the software itself. .Net also has a concept called as a class library which is an accumulation of reusable data types along with the common language runtime process.

.Net contains console applications, GUI applications, ASP.Net applications, XML web services and windows services as its sub-types which can be used to generate software. .Net contains concepts like stracts, read only and constants members, method overloading, abstracts methods and functions, Inheritance, arrays, params, and serialization, polymorphism, value type and reference data types, abstract and interface keyword, is and as keyword, static and dynamic constructors, the base.

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