Btech Final Year EEE Project Report on Energy Efficient Electrical Drives

This Btech Final Year EEE Project Report on Energy Efficient Electrical Drives discusses topics on energy efficient electrical drives, the electric drive can be made efficient and ultimately save the electric power. Which affects the economical aspects of the unit and so the industry which using these drives. So by using these efficient drives we can save the energy and also the money which is in terms of the electric bill. The key challenges to increased efficiency in systems driven by electrical machines lie in three areas: firstly, to extend the application areas of variable-speed electric drives through reduction of power electronic and control costs: secondly, to integrate the drive and the driven load to maximize system efficiency: finally, to increase the efficiency of the electrical drive itself.

An electric drive is to convert as a form of mechanical equipment to the electrical energy into mechanical energy and provide electrical control of these processes. The used for motion control, defined as an electric drive. Drive system that the motor and speed control devices belong. Drives will be widely used in industry, where variable speed is required. Since energy must be used with maximum efficiency, because the power consumed by the drive must be at least in the economic performance of industry. Energy-efficient drives are defined as the drives which have maximum efficiency.


There is a trend for increasing efficiency within the electrical machine itself, but the greatest gains are at system level when the machine is combined with a power electronic converter to create a variable-speed drive. The main barriers to this lie in the initial cost of a variable-speed drive, even though in many cases the payback period is short. Future advances in technology will reduce the capital cost of the drive, and so existing markets will grow and new markets open up. In the future, electric drives will become integral to the propulsion of road transport vehicles, so the need for maximizing their efficiency will become even more pressing than it is today.

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