Basic Network Setup to create MANET Using the OPNET Modeler

Basic network setup:

The explanation of the process that is involved in creating the basic network setup required for this particular scenario is done in this section.Using the OPNET modeler a MANET model is created and this is considered as the model family that is needed for the simulation. A campus that is simple is selected for creating the MANET and 1000X1000 square meters area is selected as the size of the network scale and the 10 mobile nodes considered are operated across the campus taken where the model family considered is the MANET for the model of simulation.

A blank scenario is established to create the campus network needed and this done by using 10 mobile nodes initially.These 10 mobile nodes are dragged from the object palette and placed on the work space these mobile nodes are considered as the wireless sensor nodes and in the time of the routing process these will nodes will move in random routes. These mobile nodes taken can be controlled using the sink node and a wireless LAN server node which is fixed is dragged from the object palette and dropped in the work space and this is considered as the sink node that can control all the 10 mobile nodes.

Then the network setup is said to be ready for supporting the traffic generation through the network but for this purpose an application is needed always, for this from the object palette an “application configuration node” is taken on to the work space for establishing the application needed. In this particular scenario three applications are created as they are required and the next section of this chapter explains the configuration setting required.

The applications created are supported by the profile definition and this necessary for the OPNET simulation and to create the profile a profile configuration node is dragged from the object palette and placed in the work space. In addition to these a mobile configuration node is also selected from the object palette in order to support the mobile configuration. The list of nodes selected from the object palette are listed below, all these nodes are very significant for the simulation procedure.

  • The sensor nodes needed are regarded as the mobile nodes and they are taken 10 in number.
  • One fixed wireless LAN server is taken as the sink node to control the mobile nodes.
  • An application configuration node is selected to create the application necessary.
  • A profile configuration node is selected for creating the profile definition needed.
  • A mobile configuration network is selected to apply mobility to all the mobile nodes.

             The further sections of this chapter explain the process of real configuration implemented for all the nodes selected.

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