Base Transceiver System Electronics and Telecommunication Seminar Report

Introduction to Base Transceiver System Seminar Topic:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of global system mobile (GSM). In older days, communication has become difficult due to wired system. They cannot be carried anywhere. This Problem gave rise to cell phones which are wireless and can be carried everywhere. The technology used is GSM, CDMA, WLL, WAN, WIFI, WIMAX etc. Today the usage of gsm technology has become vast . Base transceiver plays a major role in wireless communication.

Brief into Base Transceiver Station:

Generally, GSM network involves three subsystems BSS, NSS and NMS. Base Station Sub System consists of Base station Controller, Transcoder and Base Station Transceiver. The Base station controller has the responsibilities such as establishing a connection between mobile station and network switching subsystem. Air and A interface signaling support. The Base Transceiver Station controls the Air interface signaling, Air interface ciphering and speech processing.

Transcoder is responsible for error free transmission and decoding the digital system into speech. The combination of mobile equipment and SIM is considered as mobile station. The network switching subsystem is responsible for controlling calls. VLR database maintains the user location records and is temporary. HLR database maintains the permanent subscriber information. The network management subsystem monitors various functions and elements of the network.  All this tasks are performed by NMS/2000.

Number of Work Stations, Servers and a Router are present in NMS/2000. Fault management, configuration management and performance management are functions of network management subsystem. To ensure the smooth operation of network fault management finds useful. The configuration management is used to maintain the up to date information about the configuration. Performance management  has the data which is collected from different networks.

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