Automated Fault Location System in Primary Distribution Networks

This ECE project “Automated Fault Location System in Primary Distribution Networks” aims at correcting faults by information provided by intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) containing oscillography functions present at substation level. The fault in the system can be corrected using information stored in a database. This project is supported by an algorithm which gives info about fault type as well as rejection ratio for better results.

A power system is said to a proper designed one if offers reliable supply and good quality. Many a times system’s reliability is influenced by short circuit problems which is a major consideration for a power system. To eliminate such faults in the power system, they have to be located and the cause supporting them destroyed. By doing so a power system will be able to function in an efficient way. 

      Project description:

   In this ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document IEDs are connected to a voltage feeder which monitors voltage as well as current signals. A computer is placed at the substation via a communication link and also connected to LAN. 8 software modules are built in the fault location system. The algorithm used for fault detection uses DSP for its operation.

          To determine the instant of fault occurrence, it uses discrete Fourier analysis. The DSP module then estimates the power in the pre-fault and post fault stage. By studying the circuit breaker status and load rejection it then sets to classify the faults as either permanent or transient. If the circuit breaker remains closed, no load rejection is present.


            This project is a step above the traditional methods and an excellent tool to operate the distribution network in a more efficient way, locating faults far off from the substation. High accuracy and stability is ensured by the project. As a result expenditure on maintenance is reduced thereby reducing the overall operational cost.

Download Automated Fault Location System in Primary Distribution Networks Final Year ECE Project.

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