Analysis of 10kw VHF TV Transmitter

  • Project Title                            Analysis of 10kw VHF TV Transmitter
  • Project Location                     Dooradharshan

Brief description: The Project ‘ANALYSIS OF 10KW VHF TV TRANSMITTER’ is a TV Transmitter which transmits the combination of both audio and video signals. Here in our final year b tech project we studied how the audio and video signals are combined and strength of signal is increased up to 10kw.

The 10KW TV Transmitter consists of exciters, exciter switch, synthesizers, mixers, converters, modulators and power amplifiers. Initially the transmitter receives the low strength signal. The transmitter consists of two Exciters. The received signal is given to Exciter A or B. The output of the any Exciter is given to divider where the power is divided and then to the combiner where the power is combined. Here we require signal strength up to 10kw so we divide the video signal in to 10 signals individually and the signals are given to power amplifiers. The strength of the signal is increased 10*1kw is equal to 10kw total 12 power amp are used 10 for video and 2 for audio the output for video as 10kw and audio as 1kw totally the output in the ratio 10:1.

The output of individual audio and video signal is given to V/A Combiner individually the two signals are combined equally the output is given to the antenna. The high power output from the antenna is the 10KW VHF signal which we get in our TVs`.

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