Production and Broadcasting of TV Programmes Project

TV has evolved into broad limit and strong platform of media communication within this globe. This resulted in multinational programs including worldly coverage through connecting national Television method by satellites. Within geo stationary orbits, the communication satellites have modern vistas for broadcasting on the world TV.

 Direct to Home (DTH) broadcasting satellites is dispatched through many countries and in India as well. These satellites produce great strength radiations which are obtained directly by less rate platform to dish antennas of small size on common Television receivers improved through front end transmitter. The series of INSAT 2 & 4 satellites dispatched by India are broadly utilized for TV programs and communications.

 LNBC down transmits the intensity within the IF limits from 950 MHz to 1150 MHz for S-band and from 950 MHz to 1750 MHz for C-band intensity. The common oscillator intensity of S-band LNBC is 3650 MHz and C-band signal is 5150 MHz.22V DC. The converter IF intensity from LNBC is displayed on satellite receiver for execution.

 The digital satellite is best item which permits to see the diverse programs given by satellite. The receiver intensity value is from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz from LNBC and is even known as integrated receiver decoders (IRDs). The video result from the video camera has composite nature. It includes elements like Luminance (brightness) data, Color data (Chroma signal), H and V blanking pulses, H and V sync pulses, and Color burst signal.


Production and Broadcasting of TV Programmes Project is concluded that the frequencies for satellite communication like operated through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are widely classified. The signal power is increased over the PDA focus and hence the feed is positioned at focus places by making use of climbing plate.

Download Production and Broadcasting of TV Programmes ECE Final Year Engineering Project Report.

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