3-Phase Power Monitoring and Protection Seminar and Presentation

The main aim of this 3-Phase Power Monitoring and Protection project presentation is to monitoring and protects the power from misuse. The power first send to transmission lines from the plant to the sub stations, from the sub stations the power is transported by transmission lines, the power is divided in to three categories those are single phase, two phase, and three phase, in this single phase current is mainly used for the home usage, this single phase consume less power, two phase also for home applications but we have the technology of converting the two phase to three phase so nowadays two phase supply not given, and the three phase is used for the motors, industries. So while transmitting the power it must be monitored and should use protection techniques.

Electronic Seminar Applications:

      To monitor this power meters, computers, internet, data store facilities, the power meter should be in a position to measure the power in watts, amps, power factor, and AC power. First three phase power send to measurement equipment then after measuring the power then monitor the power, and then the power can be protected. Here in this project 16F877 microcontroller is used because it is the 40 pin device, it consists of five ports A, B, C, D, E all pins are IO (input and output pins) ,cost is economic and it uses the compiler to convert basic language to machine code. Here LCD is used it can print ASCII characters

Download 3-Phase Power Monitoring and Protection Project Seminar and Presentation.

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