XML Database Migration is a project Description:

XML Database Migration is a project is a cse project which is implemented in visual studio .Net platform as front end and MYSQL, ORACLE, MSACCESS  as back end. Main aim of this project is to provide a solution for database migration using a simple software application. For every software development there will be a case where database migration is compulsory and at the same time it is a time taking a tough process. In order to make it simple this application is developed.

This project provides front end where user need to log in with secure username and password and access different databases where users can select one table and convert it. Here we test this project with three databases buy converting single table from each database.

Detailed explanation about this project is provided in project documentation and source code which can be downloaded for free.

download XML Database Migration is a project base paper pdf, source code in .net and project report with ppt.